Our Bakery

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Bakery - Cakes By "Esther"

    Our bakery is known for our homemade breads, cakes, cookies, & pies.      

    Our sugar free pies are baked to order.

    All cakes can be decorated for any occasion.

    Homemade Bread Baskets & Cookie trays are baked to order.

    Be sure to take home a delicious Apple, Cherry,  Peach, Pecan, Rhubarb,

    or Coconut Cream Pie,  or a loaf of our French, White, Wheat or Rye breads.

    Banana Nut & Pumpkin Breads are also available.

Rose Wedding Cake

Western Wedding Cake

Fall Wedding Cake

John Deer Birthday Cake

Rose Wedding Cake

    Baby Shower

    Volunteers Cake

    Anniversary Cake


    Don't forget to take home a dozen of

    our delicious homemade cookies.

    Featuring our famous Raisin Filled,

    Old Fashioned Sour Cream,

    Pumpkin,  Chocolate Chip, 

    Oatmeal Scotties, Gingersnaps,

    cut out & decorated Sugar Cookies,

    and of course No Bake Cookies.

 Wedding Cake